Catalogue of Resources for Biomedical Research

Catalogue of Resources for Biomedical Research

  • ANIMAL FACILITIES for pig housing. There are three rooms, with capacity for 16, 16, and 4 animals, respectively (total capacity: 36 pigs weighing up to 50 kg). The facility has a controlled environment, which complies with current regulations (Directive 63/2010 and Royal Decree 53/2013), and it is registered as a user centre for experimental animals (No. L9900008). The Centre is also authorised for the use of genetically modified animals.

The care, handling (basic and experimental), and supervision of the animals is carried out by two veterinarians and two technicians, who have the required qualifications to perform these tasks, according to current regulations.

    • 3 individual operating rooms (one surgical table each)
    • 1 multiple operating room, with capacity for up to 5 operating tables

The construction were carried out in accordance with standards of operating rooms for the Human.

    • Full equipment for laparoscopic surgery (Karl Storz, Germany), with the possibility of fluorescence-guided surgery and 3D technology
    • Electrosurgery units (monopolar and bipolar energy platforms)
    • Systems for inhalation anesthesia and mechanical ventilation for large animals
    • Systems for cardiovascular and respiratory monitoring for large animals
    • Screens of various sizes (40 “, 43”, 28¨ and 24 “), which allow to receive images from the laparoscopy system, a zenith camera over surgery, an ambient camera, or external devices.
    • Surgical LED lamps, with control of the color temperature, luminosity and amplitude of the light focus
    • Audiovisual equipment that allows live viewing, recording and broadcasting of interventions in high definition
    • Stainless-steel surgical tables, with a surface of 150 x 60 cm, in the form of 2 tilting sheets (book type). Electric and adjustable in height and inclination
    • Mobile columns with electrical, gas, video and audio connections, and with control of surgical lamps
    • Centralized supply of gases (O2, CO2, and medical air) and vacuum
    • Surgical material, for open and laparoscopic surgery
    • C-arm X-Ray system (Philips, model BV Endura) for orthopedics and angiography
    • Rack with leaded aprons (1 mm lead) and other radiological protections
    • Surgical tables with radiolucent surface 150 x 60 cm. Electric and adjustable in  height
    • Ultrasound scanner
    • Desfibrilator
    • System for monitoring of parasympathetic tone (PTA)
    • Perfusión pumps


  • Analyzer of biochemical blood parameters, Fujifilm
  • Blood gas analyzer, Radiometer
  • Centrifuges for 5-15-ml tubes
  • Plate shaker
  • Roller shaker
  • Cold storage systems: + 4ºC refrigerators, -20ºC freezers and -80ºC freezer
  • Booth with air extraction for sample handling


  • 3D printer, Ultimaker S5

MEETING ROOM for 10 people, with:

  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Computer for presentations, and connections for using the speaker computer, if desired
  • Speakers for presentations and for in situ lecturers
  • Blackboard

If the research team requires it, CREBA can manage the following services and procedures:

  • Advisory:
    • Design of the study and methodology
    • Veterinary advice
    • Surgical advice
    • Drafting of projects
    • Presentation of results
    • Writing of publications
  • Management of the official authorization for the use of experimental animals, when required
  • Management of other logistics services:
    • Transports
    • Accommodation
    • Catering in Lleida