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Practical Sessions of the Master’s Degree in Pathology of the Digestive Tract – UOC- SCD
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Prácticas de endoscopia digestiva del Máster de Patología Digestiva de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) y la Societat Catalana de Digestologia (SCD). Course Information Categories: Gastroenterology Tags: course, endoscopy, pig, training Author Information Creba C21-023 FREE...

Management of Complications in the Anterior Thoracic and Abdominal Approach of the Spine. In-Vivo Workshop on a Swine Model – 4th ed.
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This course is designed to teach spine surgeons to recognise and manage the different complications that can commonly occur during anterior thoracic and lumbar spine approaches, and which require knowledge related to other surgical specialties...

Hands-on training course in EUS-guided biliary anastomoses
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Superior performance has resulted in EUS replacing percutaneous image-guided tissue sampling for targets close to the GI tract. Techniques based on EUS-guided puncture have been developed that allow bilio-enteric anastomoses. These minimally invasive anastomoses offer...